Downsizing–What Should You Do with All the Stuff?!

LADY22As the weather goes from warmer to colder, you may be starting to think of downsizing. Do you really need all of this house for just you? Has stuff overtaken your space? If you are worried about what to do with all of it as you get ready to downsize. Don’t freak. Betty Brigade has you covered. Just follow these easy tips.

EASYCHAIDonate it to a local charity.

Let’s face it, you don’t need that lovely floral patterned couch anymore or those 6 lamps that are collecting dust in the basement, so why not donate them to a charity who can benefit from them? Do you have a lot of donations? Most charities will pick up large loads and even pick up the larger items for you. You just have to be careful because charities are getting pickier every day it seems. Make sure your item is clean, lightly worn (or like new) and no stains or rips. If your pet sheds or used your old favorite couch as a bathroom, it probably won’t make the cut. With that being said, it’s the easiest way to downsize and get rid of those unwanted items and help someone in need. Make sure you ask for a receipt though… those are tax deductions.


You can recycle some pretty weird things from old running shoes to prosthetic limbs. At Betty Brigade, we have pretty much seen it all. So don’t think you’re non-donate-able items will just end up in a landfill somewhere. There is a good possibility that you can locate a facility willing to take your weird things.

Don’t let your paint and flammable materials end up in a landfill either. Not only is this bad for your environment, but it can also contaminate the soil and your drinking water. Instead find a local facility near you to properly dispose of them.

Glass, plastic, metal and paper are what most people recycle. There are lots of other things you can recycle like old chemicals and paints, old prescriptions, old eyeglasses, old technology and even more. Be creative, there are lots of places you might not have considered for recycling.

Sell It.

PIGGYBANWhy not make some money and start inflating your nest egg a little bit? There are a ton of different options in which you can sell that stuff that’s still in good condition but you just simply don’t need it anymore. Craigslist, estate sales, yard sales, and social media are just a few avenues that you can use. Don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling it? There are a lot of companies out there that will orchestrate and run these sales for you. A couple hints, just make sure the re-seller is reputable and you know how long it takes them to pay you, it could be a week, it could be 3 months, it’s important to ask.

Store It.

SAFEI have to be honest, this is Betty’s least favorite option of what to do with your stuff. With that being said, we understand that sometimes this must happen, especially if you haven’t found a new place to move and your house has sold. Moving companies sometimes offer free storage for 3 months or you may have to pay for it monthly on your own. Either way, if you need a place to hide the stuff you’re keeping, storage units can be a good option. Don’t forget, you can also use your garage, basement, closets, and friends and family’s houses to store stuff as well… just get their permission first.

Give it away.freeSign

Odds are you aren’t going to find a buyer or organization for every single item that you’re looking to get rid of… we’re just being honest here. Curb Alerts are our friend (best friend, if you will) in getting rid of things… FAST. Remember those suggestions we gave you in where to sell your stuff? Well you can always get rid of free stuff on those as well.

Trash it.

TRASHCA2When all else fails… trash it. Sometimes you can’t seem to find any organization or person that is willing to take Great Aunt Bertha’s 75-year-old stuffed goat. Landfills were created for things like that. If you have tried all over avenues and have failed, then the dumpster will be your best friend.

Downsizing doesn’t have to be difficult, although sometimes it can be overwhelming. If reading these easy tips gives you grief about doing it Betty Brigade can help. We are a company that specializes in relocation and organization. Give us a call and we’ll tailor a custom plan for you to help you reach all of your downsizing and organizing goals.

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