What to Do With The Extra Stuff You No Longer Want or Need

When you are emptying a home or decluttering around your house, should you throw the things you no longer want in the trash? Is the extra stuff you no longer want really trash?
Nope, there is a “food chain of stuff” you need to know so you can lighten YOUR load but also get your extra or unwanted things where they need to go.

So, let’s talk trash! Take a look and learn:

  • What should go in the trash
  • The difference you can make by not putting everything in the garbage bin
  • Places where you can put the stuff you don’t want.

Many times putting things in the trash that you no longer need or want is doing a disservice to someone else who could really use them. Remember, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”

What do you do with the things you just no longer want-or are things just piling up? Uh oh! If that’s the case, definitely get in touch-we’re here to help.

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