5 Ingenious Ways to Repurpose Household Goods

If you’re planning on cleaning the house, think twice before throwing intact items in the bin. After all, it’s good for both people as well as the environment to upcycle and reuse items instead of simply tossing things in the trash.

In a previous video post here on Betty Brigade, we listed down upcycling suggestions that you can follow. You gain new usable objects and reduce the amount of garbage produced at the same time. With that in mind, here are five tips for repurposing old household items.

Transform an old suitcase into a coffee table

If you don’t know what to do with an old suitcase that’s just gathering dust around the house, List Inspired suggests transforming the luggage into a unique coffee table. Alternatively, you can also turn them into seats. You can remove the lid off your suitcase and then suspend it from a wall to use as a medicine cabinet or as storage for small items.

Convert old shower curtains into picnic table covers

Wisebread recommends reusing old shower curtains as covers for picnic tables or other outdoor furniture to protect them against water and dust damage. You can also combine them with some magnets to create windshield covers to help prevent frost build-up.

Reuse old socks and stockings

Many people wouldn’t think twice about throwing out a pair of stockings with holes, battered shoes or odd socks. However, Foxy Bingo shared some tips on how to repurpose footwear. Old stockings and tights can be used to store onions. Alternatively, they can be cut into strips and tied on garden plants to keep them upright.

As for old socks, they can be used as great alternatives to rags for cleaning the narrow gaps of Venetian blinds and other similar spaces. If you don’t have an ice pack ready, you can fill a clean old sock with ice to help bring down swelling. Of course, there’s also the alternative of turning them into sock puppets that you can use to play with your kids!

Repurpose an old rake to hang utensils and kitchenware

Who says that rakes can only be used outdoors? Architecture Art Design shows that the gardening tool can also be repurposed for indoor use. Specifically, it can hold kitchen utensils such as tongs, spatulas, ladles, whisks, and knives. Just make sure to clean the rake thoroughly before you put any food preparation items near it!

Besides hanging kitchen items, you can also use an old rake in a similar manner for necklaces and bracelets to keep them from getting tangled.

Use old mint containers as storage for small items

Find yourself misplacing bobby pins all over the house? HGTV wrote about a nifty tip: transform empty packs of mints to store your hairpins. Their handy size also makes it easy to bring the pack with you if you need to travel. You can use empty mint containers to store jewelry and other small items.

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