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During my Get Ready with Betty Radio Show, I had the opportunity to talk with several guests about how to simplify to improve (Because organizing isn’t the only way to simplify your life — shocking, isn’t it?). This week, I want to share with you an article written by Rev. Karen Russo, MBA. Rec., about integrating the spiritual and the financial aspects of your life.


Finding Spiritual Satisfaction with Quantity, Time and Yourself

There is never enough of that which doesn’t satisfy. If you’re looking for security, satisfaction and well being by depending on getting a certain quantity of material things—money, possessions, accolades, Facebook friends, clients, and so on—you may find pride, excitement and pleasure. But you won’t find the sacred, eternal, essential qualities of life. That’s not because there’s anything inherently wrong with material things. You’ll just never have or get enough material things to create and sustain a spiritual experience. Spiritual experience is where you’ll discover the qualities of life that are ever-lasting:  faith, peace, and connection. Those are the things that truly satisfy.

Here are three ideas to take into your contemplation, journaling and conversations to develop deeper spiritual satisfaction.  (And, don’t worry, you won’t have to give up any of your secular enjoyments to explore these possibilities!)

Think Divine Intelligence rather than Quantity.

Sometimes spiritual seekers will look to shift out of a sense of lack by focusing on the idea of lavish, abundant supply. If I am afraid there’s not enough, I’ll just remind myself of all the grains of sand on the beach. This approach still has you measuring quantity. I suggest you explore the spiritual principle of Intelligence; the idea that there is a divine sufficiency. Every person, idea, and project, has a pattern of wisdom, grace and supply within that expresses as needs met, questions answered and destiny revealed. The lilies of the field don’t need to stockpile sunshine!

Present Moment, Only Moment.

The fullness of the intangible, infinite, eternal spiritual qualities that life is made of is here now. Right here, right now. Take a breath as you read this and feel that right here, right now, you lack nothing. Present moment awareness is the only antidote to the debilitating mental thoughts that the past should have been different and something was missed or that the future is ominous and will not have what is needed. Be here now. You can always partake of the gift of the present.

I am Enough.

If you’re constantly berating and belittling yourself, it’s hard to feel safe, secure and cared for in your life. So, say it.  I mean it—say out loud ‘I am enough.’ If you choose to perceive that your essential Being is made in the image and likeness of your Creator, you’ll find a deep well of both humility and gratitude for life that is wealth unlimited. Deciding that we are spiritually perfect AND humanly imperfect—is a profound stance for spiritual wealth.

When you find a relationship with Intelligence, stay in the Present and believe you are Enough, you are wealthy, satisfied and all is well.
Simplify to Improve - Rev. Karen Russo

Rev. Karen Russo, MBA, is Your Spiritual Guide in Wealth and the award-winning author of The Money Keys. Get your free kit “Escaping the Money Traps of Scarcity, Superstition and Survival Mode” book chapters and audio guide here





We hope this has been enlightening and helpful for you in your own life. Feel free to comment and share.

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