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boxwithcansBetty Basement Blitz*

We will go through your basement and sort, donate, sell, recycle, and dispose of items you no longer want.  We can work with you or without you.  We will buy and assemble shelving (in your budget), we will sort and store your kept items in clearly labeled and organized way.  *Price based on average 2000 sq. ft. house


Who would use this? Does your basement look like a disaster zone? Do you just throw all the junk you don’t know what to do with down there and now it’s out of control? Then this is the package for you. We’ll help you tame the mess and organize things so you can find them when you want to.

Please contact The Betty Brigade to purchase.

Betty Basement Blaster

We can also set this up so we come in annually for the next 5 years to keep your attic or basement area neat and clean.  The benefit of purchasing an annual package is that for the length of your contract, the cost per hour never goes up.

Cost Determined at Consult

Who would use this? This is truly for the person who knows they just won’t have the time or the physical ability to get their basement organized and keep it that way. We can help you set up a system and then come in periodically to make sure things are put away and stored properly so it never gets out of control.

Please contact The Betty Brigade to purchase.

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