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Catch President Betty (aka Sharon McRill) on our BlogTalkRadio show,retro microphone Betty On The Radio



June 11th: Joel Young – Non-Personal Perspectives Set You Free

June 4th: Lisa Minni/Barb Stuhlemmer-Hardwiring/Business & Children

May 19th: Joel Young

May 12th: Les Jensen

May 5th: Simon Jordan


June 18th: Karol Nickell – Compassion

June 25th: Geri Markel/Greg Peters – Happiness/Simple Networking

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Betty On The Radio:woman at microphone Betty On The Radio

Sharon is often a guest on other radio shows to help spread the word about The Betty Brigade and what we do. You can listen to her expert tips and advice here:

Savvy Central Radio host Christina Nitchmann and Sharon McRill discuss how self-talk can influence your business and your life — for better or for worse.

Listen to internet radio with Savvy Central Radio on BlogTalkRadio

“How Do You Sculpt an Elephant?” on Victory Circles Radio Hour with host Cheri Ruskus.  Sharon tells how paring down and de-cluttering can help you reach your goals.


“Starting a Business from Scratch,” on The Best People we Know with host Deb Scott, best-selling author of The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue -Turning your upside down world right side up!


Host Debbi Dachinger on “Dare to Dream” interviews Sharon on the emotional and mental effects of de-cluttering and the rewards of what we do.


In “Who’s Your Gladys?” with coach, author and radio host Marilyn Suttle, Sharon discusses how she trains her staff to work well with clients.


Host Charmaine Hammond interviews Sharon on PawsTalkRadio on tips for walking your dog safely.


“Conversations with Charmaine” host interviews Sharon about success in business.