Betty Packages


When we started The Betty Brigade it was because we KNEW there were some of us who just crave a little help a few days a week, month, or year.

Wouldn’t it be great to just pick up the phone and know that someone was there for you to solve whatever problem you needed solved? Managing all the time-consuming details for throwing a birthday party for your 3 year old? Helping your mom move from her home after 40 years of accumulating stuff? Organizing the dreaded garage? Getting your car serviced while you perform other tasks? Finding a personal chef? Getting a handyman to do all those little projects you keep putting off? Finally getting the chimney swept? Bringing in the newspapers and mail while you’re gone? Our answer to all these things is YES Betty Brigade CAN DO THAT.

All of our Betty Brigade packages include TONS of useful tools & resources to help you on any project. We have tutorials, e-books, & TONS of video help to get you through any project. By signing up for a Betty Package – you get all that AND MORE.

Select What Kind of Help You Need:

All Over the Home All Over the House  HOLLY Seasonal & Yearly
closet_door Storage/De-Cluttering • Closets Garage Organizing Outdoor Garage
BOX Attic Basement
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