Have you bought books on organizing? Have you lost track of your organizers, dividers, and bins among the STUFF?  We see this with many of our clients. Why? Because a generic book on organizing doesn’t address your individual situation. The Betty Brigade tailors our work to your needs and goals.

Everyone is different – there is no one correct way to organize. Success depends on the individual’s style, needs and goals.

It happens in every room, drawer and closet of the house – and office.  Documents, magazines, clothing, photographs, collectibles, and just plain STUFF – too much of it and no good way to organize it.

The Betty Brigade takes the following steps:

  1. We LISTEN.  What is it that drives you crazy?  If you needed a certain document, would you know how to find it?  Do you like things behind closed doors, or more visible.
  2. We SORT. We put the items into categories: keep, sell, donate, shred, recycle, and as a last resort, trash
  3. We ORGANIZE. We put away the things you’re keeping in a logical FOR YOU way.
  4. We SET UP A SYSTEM. We explain it to you too. This helps you STAY ORGANIZED.

INCREASE YOUR EFFICIENCY with a clear, orderly environment.  You will feel calmer, more creative and get more done.  Less truly is more.  More space and more time for other things. We can organize the entire house or just a small section of a room – it’s really up to YOU. In addition, we take every effort to recycle AND donate items instead of throwing them away – we CARE about the environment and our clients.

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