Residential Move Coordination

house sold Residential Move CoordinationMoving is one of the most stressful events in life, and that’s not surprising.  Every aspect of your life is disrupted and changing, all at once.  And while the known changes are stressful enough, the unknown elements are even worse.  When the move is unexpected, multiply the stress tenfold.

Would you like to just hand the whole thing off to someone who can take it from here?  Or do you want to do some of it, but not every single thing?  Would you like a written plan and timeline, tailored specifically for you, but then you want to take it from there?

Whether it’s the entire process or just a few details here and there, The Betty Brigade can help.


We can:

  • empty box Residential Move Coordinationcreate a personalized moving checklist and timeline
  • identify and coordinate packing and moving services
  • inventory items to be moved, sold, donated, stored or recycled and arrange for their disposition
  • arrange for home repairs and cleaning
  • arrange for pet move or adoption
  • arrange to have new home clean and ready
  • arrange disconnect utilities, change address,
  • coordinate and supervise local new home move in
  • unpack and arrange funishings and other belongings
  • shop for groceries, toiletries and other necessities

Whether we do a little or a lot, we free up valuable time for you to attend to important personal issues, like visiting friends or helping your children make this big transition.
FAQs about Moving Coordination / Relocation / Home Clear Outs