“The Betty Brigade is a company with a good heart.”
Beth S., daughter of deceased homeowner,
"We had been putting off painting and wallpapering our kitchen for almost two years. Not only did The Betty Brigade get the job done quickly, but it looked great! Having the help and expertise of The Betty Brigade allowed us to use our free time for fun instead!"
Sara Hall, Dominos Corporate, Marketing Manager and Homeowner,
"I recommend The Betty Brigade to anyone who loves their pets. I have three cats that absolutely love the visits they receive from The Betty Brigade. I always feel confident when I leave home knowing my four-legged babies will be well taken care of… plus the added benefit of knowing my home is also being checked on a daily basis. They are a wonderful organization."
Laura Rossiter,
"The Betty Brigade has a work ethic that is commendable; Their organization and planning skills, as well as professional determination, were an asset to helping us market and locate tenants for our Ann Arbor rental property.”
Wendy Lynn, Ann Arbor Property Owner and Landlord ,
"Thank you for your great organizing job. We love parenthood. Katie is a true joy and all the organization has helped tremendously."
Lynn, Danny and Kate Heumann,
"After putting our home up for sale, potential buyers were unhappy with the paint colors and wallpaper. I placed a call to The Betty Brigade. Five days later I was ecstatic with the results. The Betty Brigade was given a budget to work within, and the last surprise was that they completed all of the requested improvements using 50% of the budget. I would wholeheartedly recommend the company to anyone desiring high-quality services done in a timely manner. I will remain a loyal customer!!!"
Susan Schiavi, Systems and Methods Analyst, Ford Motor Company,
"As a busy, professional woman, and the president of a corporation for over twenty-five years, I was thoroughly pleased with the services offered by The Betty Brigade. They were reliable, honest and thorough. I have rehired then on two occasions and have recommended them to friends and associates. I was able to take on the task of running for public office because The Betty Brigade helped organize my home office."
Cynthia O'Lear, Business Owner and Michigan Senatorial Candidate 2002,
“Want a new lease on life? A spring in your step? Ask the Betty Brigade to de-clutter and organize your space. Freedom! Most importantly, you can trust them. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. I love my office. I walk through my house and it gives me such pleasure to see how orderly it is. And it's much easier to maintain. It has truly become a sanctuary.”
Susan Nicholas, homeowner, Plymouth Michigan
"As my wedding day approached, I realized I needed help in a big way. The Betty Brigade came to the rescue, helping me finish up last minute errands, confirming all the arrangements and soothing my bridal panic. They were there for us from start to finish on the day of the wedding. We didn't have to press our friends and family into service doing errands, and we didn't have to be bothered with details on our special day. Everyone was relaxed, and we celebrated without any worries or outside annoyances. Being able to focus on each other instead of extraneous details on our wedding day was priceless."
Laura Fisher, bride and graphic designer, Mitten Artworks ,