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Many companies don’t realize that the candidate they’re hiring chooses them just as much as the company is choosing the candidate. As Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonald’s said – “You’re only as good as the people you hire.”  That’s where we can help.

Candidates are worried about more than just whether they got the job and how much they’re getting paid. They have families, and with that come other worries, responsibilities, and concerns. Things like:

What kinds of school are in the area?
What’s the job marketing in the area like? Will their spouse be able to find a job?
Where’s the closest grocery store? Do they have an organic foods store?
What about the move? Can their family handle it without them there?

The easier they can answer these questions, the happier they will be when they get to their new job – which makes YOUR life a lot easier. Here’s what we can do for you:

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  • Help you get AND keep top talent. Up to 10% of executive candidates have multiple job offers within 4 months of starting their search (Korn/Ferry Recruiters)
  • We help tip the balance before AND after hire – We appeal on a human level (comfort, easy transition & entertainment)
  • Our packages are individualized to the particular recruit.


The Betty Basic The Betty Brass The Betty Bigwig
Gift Basket with Local Products X X X
Family Dinner with Candidates Potential New Bosses & Families X X
Personalized Cocktail Party to Meet Colleagues X X X
Family Outing to Local Attraction X X X
Assistance in Finding New Home X


The Betty Basic The Betty Brass The Betty Bigwig
Unpack & Set Up Home X X X
Gift Certificate to Local Restaurant X X X
Provide Small Stock of Groceries X X X
Betty Brigade Concierge Services Up to 1 Year X X
Set Up Home Services (Pet-Care, Cleaning, etc.) X X X
Provide Local Map & List of Vendors X X X
Provide Paperwork for Local School or Daycare Enrollment X X X
Dual Career Assistance X


Only want a few of these options? No Problem. A-la-carte pricing is available.


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