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Are you always the last person in your neighborhood to have your patio ready for a BBQ? Do you always forget to put away the yard stuff before it snows? Betty Brigade can put out the hoses in the Spring, get out your yard seating and make sure it’s ready for your first party. We can even schedule a deck cleaner, landscaper or gutter cleaner so everything is ready for you to enjoy the season. When it starts cooling off, we come back and put it all away for you, then get the snow-blower ready for duty. This package includes up to 2 Betties. If we have to bring in the big guns to do super heavy lifting, we’ll make sure it’s within your budget. *Specific Price Determined at Consultation


Who would use this? This is for the busy or disorganized person who wants to get things ready for spring and keep their patio looking inviting instead of terrifying. We will help you with all the little things like making sure your patio furniture made it through the winter, putting away the snow shovels & other tools and getting out the things you’ll need for the coming season.

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Betty’s Springtime Prep Package

What if you knew that for the next 5 years someone would just show up to put out your outdoor seating, hoses, line up the new mulch for delivery? Whew. What a relief. You’re breathing easier already, right? *Specific Price Determined at Consultation


Who would use this? This is for you if you always forget that spring is around the corner and just can’t find the time to get things read. Need someone to get out your lawn furniture for that first spring BBQ? Can’t figure out where to put all the winter tools you don’t need? We’ll come and make sure this is taken care of every year so you don’t have to worry.

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