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‘Summer’ Cleaning for Profit

Published On: Jul 7 2016 4:23 PM EST | Updated On: Jul 7 2016 4:23 PM EST

The Betty Brigade was recently on First at 4  talking about how to turn that long time clutter into cash.  VIEW

Expert Tips to Reduce Holiday Party Stress

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Are YOU ready for the holidays? Don’t freak out! The Betty Brigade has some simple tips for a stress free holiday season. VIEW

Live in the D: Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Published On: Jan 16 2015 11:59:11 AM EST | Updated On: Jan 16 2015 12:04:55 PM EST
The Betty Brigade was recently on Live in the D talking about how to make those New Year’s Resolutions EASIER, just in time for National Ditch Day, January 17th. VIEW

How to Approach Your New Year’s Resolutions

Published On: Jan 5 2015 04:36:53 PM EST | Updated On: Jan 05 2015 04:39:36 PM EST
Did you miss us on Channel 4?! We were featured in a story about New Year’s Resolutions & Organizing! “How to Approach Your New Year’s Resolutions” by Paula Tutman. VIEW


Are We Really a ‘Hoarder Nation’?

By John Egan | December 30, 2014
A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article about the growth of the self-storage industry referred to the U.S. as a “hoarder nation.” The term “hoarder” gets tossed around a lot, but do we really qualify as a “hoarder nation”?  MORE


Make Organization Your No. 1 New Year’s Resolution: Tips and Tricks for Sorting

Posted on December 31, 2014 by Stephanie Pasch
Now that you’ve made a commitment to getting organized in 2015 and you know how to get started, it’s time to figure out where to put all your stuff. Here are some simple organization tips and tricks from the experts:  –MORE


Bridal Guide: Tip of the Day

August 20, 2014
Tip of the Day: Delegate tasks to your bridesmaids, your fiancé, close family members, or other members of the bridal party. “Don’t take it all on yourself. –MORE


How to Plan a Wedding Reception That Won’t Bust Your Budget!

Featured on ABC 10
Betty Brigade is a personal assistance and concierge company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan offering a variety of tips regarding organizing, event planning, weddings, and more.  –MORE


How to Organize Your Vanity

By Carla Snuggs | Posh Beauty Blog
When I was little, I used to dream of having a beautiful vanity chock-full of beautifully organized cosmetics and perfect lighting. However, life gets in the way, cosmetics pile up and things can get unorganized from time to time.  –MORE


Organizing for Toddlers and Kids

By Bonnie J. Dewkett , CPO® | Published: June 17, 2014
Part of having children means having more stuff than you sometimes know what to do with. For that reason it’s helpful to have a system set up so that you don’t get overwhelmed and can keep things organized right from the start.-MORE


Sharon McRill: Keeping Clients Organized

By Debbie Merion, Ann Arbor Observer | From the November 2014 Issue
Sharon McRill’s office is illuminated by a pair of vintage-style lamps, so pea green and oddly shaped that any vintage shop would be envious. But McRill, forty-eight, didn’t pay a dime for them-MORE


 Business community ‘impressed’ by Detroit

By Daniel Howes, The Detroit News | 11:55 a.m. EDT September 19, 2014
Sixty-four small business owners graduated Thursday from the Goldman Sachs-backed 10,000 Small Businesses program, which aims to grow companies and create jobs in Detroit and neighboring localities by teaching practical business skills. MORE


Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine to Celebrate Earth Day

By Carla Snuggs | April 17, 2014
Are you ready for earth day? The Betty Brigade was featured with Eco-Friendly beauty tips for Earth Day! MORE


How to Avoid 10 Common Decluttering Mistakes

By John Egan | April 8, 2014
Most paperwork needs to be kept for six years, and that typically applies only to things like insurance policies and legal documents, according to Sharon McRill, owner of The Betty Brigade concierge service in Ann Arbor, MI. MORE


10 Secrets To Planning A Summer Wedding

sheFINDS | WEDDING | March 31, 2014
The Betty Brigade was featured in a SHEFinds article about how to plan for a summer wedding! MORE


10 Ways You’re Organizing All Wrong

By Natasha Burton
Even with an entire Pinspiration board dedicated to organized spaces, those closets, entryways and office areas could still use some serious de-cluttering. Luckily, the key to an orderly home may be as simple as knowing what NOT to do. MORE


Sharon McRill, Southeast Michigan Startup – Founders

SE MI Startup | January 10, 2014
Sharon was featured in the Founders Edition of Southeast Michigan Startup. . . MORE


Betty Brigade Hires 5, Preps to Expand Across State

Concentrate | January 8, 2014
ANN ARBOR – Sharon McRill, Owner & President of the Betty Brigade was recently interviewed by Concentrate Media. MORE


Home Staging: Tips on how to get a better price for your home

By Colleen Kane, Special to CNBC | Posted December 2013
Staging your home for sale? Check this out first. MORE


Dog harnesses: 5 Tips to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe in the Car

Netquote | Nick DiUlio
The Betty Brigade was featured in an article regarding pet safety tips for winter! MORE


How To Create Epic Community Events

The Betty Brigade and President Betty, Sharon McRill, were featured in an article called “How to Create Epic Community Events” on MORE


Plan a Halloween Party for Next to Nothing!

By Bonnie J. Dewkett, CPO® | Published: October 22, 2013
Sharon McRill, president of The Betty Brigade, a concierge and event
planning company in Ann Arbor, has some tips for putting together a 
spell-binding Halloween party on the cheap! – Make a big pot of something they can help themselves to, like chili
 or Sloppy Joes. MORE


How to Throw a Last-Minute Halloween Party on the Cheap!

By Sharon McRill | Feminine Soul Magazine October 2013
Page 59: Ruh roh… The gang is headed to your place for some post trick-or-treating refreshment! But no need to run screaming from the back door. You can do this! MORE


Clothes To Go: How To Pack For Summer Vacation

WWJ News CBS Detroit | June 24, 2012

ANN ARBOR (WWJ) – Many Metro Detroiters are preparing for some summer vacation days, but do you know what to pack? MORE

Judy DiForte, spokeswoman for Ann Arbor based organizing service “Betty Brigade,” said remember to pack light. “Check your destination’s extended weather forecast. . . MORE


Three Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back | BY DANIEL BORTZ | December 29, 2011

One of the most common mistakes small-business owners make is to focus so much time on attracting new customers that they skimp on the effort it takes to create loyal customers. That’s a mistake, of course, because it’s more expensive to get new customers than to retain them. To develop and nurture a relationship with your customers, you have to communicate regularly and, above all, provide consistently over-the-top service.

Here’s a look at how three small businesses are keeping the customers they worked so hard to attract: . . .MORE


Best Ice Breakers | BY SARAH SHAW | December 13, 2011

Ok so who doesn’t get a bit nervous walking into a room when you don’t know very many people, or even worse, not a soul? I know I do! Networking events can get a bad wrap just thinking about them right? I love meeting new people, but do admit that I find it a lot easier (and less nerve wracking) at a dinner party when a seasoned host is a master at mixing and mingling the right guests. And of course…MORE

Check out all the tips for some great ways to get conversations started at these events. Find Sharon’s ice breaking tips for networking were featured at #29!


How To Set A Holiday Table

WWJ News CBS Detroit | November 24, 2011

ANN ARBOR (WWJ) – Many of us can get confused when it comes to properly setting a holiday table. Luckily, Sharon McRill, owner and president of The Betty Brigade, is sharing some simple tips for setting a semi-formal table.

The fork goes to the left of the plate. The knife, then the spoon…MORE


GO ECO-FRUGAL: Being Thrifty is a Powerful “Green” Practice

Crazy Wisdom Journal | BY SARAH RIGG | September – December 2011

“De-Cluttering seems like an obviously eco-frugal project but some people start out doing it all wrong and spend more than they need to” said Judy Diforte, marketing manager for The Betty Brigade.

The Betty Brigade was established about 8 years ago by Ann Arbor Resident Sharon McRill. Currently, the company offers services like organizing, moving and running personal errands in Ann Arbor and in Birmingham.

Diforte said that while too many people spend too much on organizing. . . MORE on Page 32!


Car Cleaning Tips from the Pros: Go beyond the basic suds for a vehicle that will shine like it’s brand-new, inside and out

Women’s Day Magazine | BY ARIANNE COHEN | June 1, 2011
You know the essentials when it comes to washing your automobile. Now, a few tips and products that make cleaning and organizing your car easier.
• Always wash your car in the shade. Washing it in the sun will leave soap spots.
• Lose the hose. Yes, it’s fun to spray your hose Rambo-style. It also uses a lot more water than a bucket rinse does, says Leslie Reichert, author of The Joy of Green Cleaning. A bucket will do just as good a job on everything except your undercarriage…MORE


Can’t focus? Take a break

Crain’s Detroit | BY MAUREEN McDONALD | November 18, 2010

Sharon McRill, owner of Ann Arbor-based Betty Brigade, recently returned from four days of lounging on the lanai, reading novels and sharing home-cooked meals with her husband at her mother’s place outside Orlando.

She hadn’t chosen to be there. Her employees ordered her to go.

“My staff told me I needed to be less stressed. They insisted I unplug for one full weekend a month — don’t answer the phone…MORE


Surviving Long-Term Unemployment

Forbes Magazine | BY CAMILLE NOE PAGAN | April 19, 2010

When Sharon McRill was laid off from her cushy corporate job at a national bookseller, she thought she’d never recover. “I spent the first three days curled up on the couch, mourning what I thought was the best opportunity of my life,” recalls the Michigan resident.
Indeed, outside of death and divorce, losing a job can be one of the most difficult things a person will deal with…MORE


Betty Brigade Whips Homes into Shape | BY PATRICIA MONTEMURRI | October 30, 2009

DETROIT — Sharon McRill is a sophisticated, college-educated woman with a background in corporate marketing who cleans up other people’s cluttered lives, dirty cars and doggie droppings.

Her copper-colored pickup truck announces the arrival of the Betty Brigade. McRill, of Ann Arbor, Mich., is the No. 1 Betty.

The Betty Brigade is a concierge service, an all-purpose personal assistant-for-hire, a party planner for weddings and…MORE


The business of being Betty: Helping families pack up lifetime of seniors’ memories

The Deseret News | BY PATRICIA MONTEMURRI | October 30, 2009

DETROIT — Sharon McRill is a sophisticated, college-educated woman with a background in corporate marketing who cleans up other people’s cluttered lives, dirty cars and doggie droppings.

Her copper-colored pickup truck announces the arrival of the Betty Brigade. McRill, of Ann Arbor, Mich., is the No. 1 Betty.

The Betty Brigade is a concierge service, an all-purpose personal assistant-for-hire, a party planner for weddings and mitzvahs, a professional organizer to help…MORE


Serendipitous Investors

Michigan Innovators | BY BUD GIBSON | August 14, 2008

A number of the entrepreneurs interviewed for our series on financing innovation have mentioned the value of networking to find equity investors in early stage start-ups. In this segment, Sharon McRill, President of The Betty Brigade, recounts in detail how a simple conversation with a new client led to several potential investors…MORE

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