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How can Betty Brigade get me packed and ready to move in a week?

If we have the available staff and work longer hours, it’s possible, but waiting until the last minute is never a good idea. It’s stressful and often things are forgotten. We recommend giving yourself at least a few weeks to book movers, find a realtor, sort and discard (recycle, sell, or donate) things that won’t be moving with you, pack, make repairs, and get the home cleaned and ready to sell.

How much does Betty Brigade cost?

That depends on a number of factors. We recommend you have an in-home consultation so we can give you a room-by-room break down of the total cost. Every move is different and personal. The consultation costs $100 but you will get an action plan to work from and some good ideas of which items might be better to take along or sell plus with specific things that need to be done immediately. An average move or home clean out ranges in cost from $3,500 to $6,000. You can request a consultation here: Request a Consultation.

What do the Betties actually do?

On the front end we sort, pre-pack, schedule movers and other vendors, and even help hand-carry items that are irreplaceable to you. For example, in your kitchen we would pack seldom used or seasonal items into labeled boxes. During this process, especially if your new space is smaller, we help you decide what to keep and what to give away, recycle, or sell.

Similar pre-packing is done throughout the house with special emphasis on storage areas like basements and garages. If you are staying in the home while it is listed for sale, we can also assist in the staging process and pre-pack family photos and valuable collectibles.

We help you find reliable vendors for things like deep cleaning, yard work, or home repairs which are often necessary before a property can be listed for sale. We also offer move day assistance for packing last minute things like the frig/freezer and your bedding. At the new home we make up beds, put the food and kitchen things away, hook up the computer and set the clocks.

Can I work with you?

Of course you can. We welcome your help. We will even work with your relatives (children or other family members) to get them ready for the move.

Do I have to be here while you work?

That is up to you. If you’re comfortable with us working while you’re away, then we will. You can maintain your daily schedule even when we are on site with no worries. All Betty Brigade employees are thoroughly background checked (Federal/State and Local), bonded and insured.

What about unpacking?

That’s the FUN part. Of course, it’s easier if you’re moving somewhere within driving distance, but we have gone to other states to unpack our clients and get them settled in their new homes. We can line cabinets, install organizing systems and get you sleeping in your own bed from day one.

I’m confused about hiring movers, do you help with that?

We sure do. We regularly work with moving companies in the area, all of which are insured and bonded, and provide excellent service to our many clients. We can give you recommendations and you can choose which one you prefer, or we can set it up for you. We have facilitated many corporate moves and act as your eyes, ears and hands on move day being able to answer questions and have things all ready for the heavy lifters.

Do Betties just throw everything out?

No way. The Betty Brigade is committed to keeping things green. We mean “Green” as in turning your better things into green backs for you and “Green” as in environmentally responsible. We typically will try to sell (via consignment, etc), donate, or recycle as much as possible. We were even awarded the Environmental Awareness Award by the Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors in 2013. Betties sort things very carefully and are sensitive to family requests. We often find precious heirlooms mixed in with general things. We set those items and any family photos or paperwork aside for your review.

What if my house needs repairs?

We can definitely help. We work with a number of service companies specializing in flooring, roofing, painting, and more. Most of these companies are local and have had excellent reports from many of our clients. Often these tasks can be handled after you are in your new space so you are not impacted by any construction mess.

I’m worried about having too many people in my house all the time. Am I going to be invaded?

Betties typically work in teams of two, so that shouldn’t be a problem at all. We try to have it be the same two every visit if possible. The only exception is usually if there is an ultimate time crunch and we need all available hands to get it done in your time frame.

Are you insured?

We sure are. We can show you our proof of liability and workman’s comp insurance upon request. Additionally, all Betty Brigade employees are locally and nationally background checked.


Where do you start?

We typically start with a walk-through consultation, so we can see the whole scope of the project and give you a rough outline of where we would start and what you might do before we begin. Additionally, we give you a written project summary within a couple of days of our visit. Organizing is a process and our first step is almost always to get rid of whatever is outdated or extraneous. Then we can see what really needs to be kept organized and get it in order in spots close to where it is going to be used most often. The goal is to make it easy to find and also easy to put away for next time.

How will I find everything once you’re done?

We like to work with our clients during the organizing process so we learn what their priorities are and put things in places they logically would look for them. Also once we are done, we give you a tour and option to re-arrange anything for your needs. Our goal is to involve clients in the thought process so they learn HOW to stay organized. If for some reason you can’t find something after we are done, we are more than happy to talk with you over the phone to help you locate it.

Can I work at a slow pace?

We can work at the pace that’s most comfortable for you. If you would like things over and done quickly we can work over a period of a couple of full days or if you can only handle 4 hours a day every week or so, that’s completely fine too. If you want to spread it out over the course of a month, or longer, that works for us as well. We work quickly and get a lot done during our scheduled time, however, we understand that it is tough work and can be mentally exhausting. We are also happy to do occasional check-ins for chronic areas or when life changes.

Am I able to help?

You sure can. We encourage it actually. There are certain things clients always need to be more involved in like paperwork, so we often leave them with ‘homework’ to do before our next visit. Don’t worry, it’s usually really easy. It’s also better for you to know where to put things and what is happening so you can see how to stay organized after we’re done. You can also save some expenses that way.

Do you bring organizing supplies?

No we do not. We always sort through what needs to be organized FIRST. After we’ve sorted through things, we typically can recommend what types of storage or organizing systems are needed. The client is required to purchase those on their own. We are certainly able to help with pick up, delivery, and setup of any supplies or systems, at our normal hourly rate.

Will everything be finished when you are done working?

This really depends on a few things. First, it depends on your time & budget restrictions. If you are only hiring us for part of a job, then we will focus on that which is most important to you. However, there may still be items left to sort, file, or put away. We call these “homework” items that you will have to finish yourself. If however, you hire us for the entire scope of the project, then we will be sure that things are completed to your satisfaction before we finish working. Depending on the size of a project, this may take more than 1 day, in which case we will be sure to pick up or tidy up our working space during the time in-between our visits. Since organizing is really a constant process, once we finish working, it is then up to the client to maintain any systems that were put into place and keep things organized on their own. But don’t worry. If you get to the point where you need our help again we are more than happy to come and whip things back into shape.

You don’t just throw everything away, do you?

No way. We want to make sure that anything important is kept safe and doesn’t end up in the trash or recycling. We will always have you review items BEFORE they are discarded. This may mean that you have multiple piles to sort through once we are finished. We try to keep this to a minimum, however, depending on the project, this may mean you have a lot of “homework.” Once you’ve decided what can be tossed, recycled, or needs to be shredded, we take the appropriate next steps. Any costs associated with trash, recycling, or shredding will be billed to the client.

Are you going to tear my whole house apart?

No. We work room by room first – sorting, filing & getting things organized before we move on to another area of the house. There may be small piles of things that need to be taken to other areas of your home during the time we are working. Once we are finished with one room, we will move on to the next, and continue until the end of the project. We typically tend to focus on areas we know are less busy – like offices and storage areas to start, so that day-to-day activities aren’t completely interrupted.


Are the estimates free?

Our estimates are a $100 consultation fee. That includes us coming out to you and providing you with a detailed estimate and a written plan to properly complete your project. If you decide to book with us, that $100 comes off your balance.

Do I need to purchase the materials on my own?

You can, but it is not necessary.  We can pick up, deliver and install any materials you desire for the project.

Do you charge by the hour or the job?

Yes. We give an estimate for the complete project.  Using our past experience we include the number of estimated hours and the total for the labor. Our estimate shows you with an estimated price range and potential options. The price differences may reflect the types of materials used in each project as well as potential additions (such as a sink replacement may require changing shutoff valves and drain pipes which won’t be known until the original sink has been removed).

How do I pay for services?

You can pay by check, credit card or by a debit card.

Do you work weekends and evenings?

We generally work 9-5, however we try to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Evening and weekend hours are on a per case basis and may include overtime rates.

Can I choose the material colors and manufacturers?

Yes!  You pick the paint colors or the material color.  You can even choose the manufacturer if you desire.  You can also leave the selection of the colors and manufacturers to us.  We strive to match the quality of the materials to your budget and design details.

Can I trust the handyman in my home or office?

All of our technicians go through a thorough screening process.  We are bonded and insured in case something catastrophic goes wrong. All of our employees are local, state, and federally background checked so you can rest assured knowing your belongings are safe with us.

How long have you been in business?

The Betty Brigade has been in business for over 13 years.

What are the qualifications and training of the handyman?

All our handymen have years of experience in carpentry, remodeling, and handymen services. We also have licensed contractors.

What are the services you provide?

On our website we have a full list of services of home repairs, commercial work, painting, handyman/general repair tasks and – if you don’t see it give us a call and we will tell you if we can do it!

We can even do minor plumbing and electrical. For large electrical and plumbing projects which require a licensed plumber or electrician we can have our associate contractor arrange for these services.

Is your handyman work guaranteed if so what is your warranty period?

We guarantee that we perform our best at every job, and we want to ensure a happy client. If you are not happy with our work for any reason, give us a call, and we will take steps to make it right.

Do you have references for past handyman work that you’ve done?

You bet. This list will be provided to you upon request.


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